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100-mile-an-hour winds driving rain, hurricane earl skirts the eastern seaboard. good morning. it's friday, the 3rd of september. i'm john kessler. >> i'm sydnie kohara. good morning. let's get a quick look at traffic and weather at 5:00 this morning. get you out the door. here's elizabeth. >> all right. thank you, sydnie and john. problem spot is in san francisco. got reports of a water main break off the golden gate bridge. this is southbound 101 as you approach doyle drive. cemetery curve. the water main break is not severe enough to shut down any lanes, but there's just about enough water, they say, on a typical rainy day in the right lane of southbound 101. again, as you come off the bridge. just something for drivers to be aware of. also notice all that fog in our camera shot as you drive across the span of the golden gate. with more on that, let's go over to lawrence. >> yeah, elizabeth. big changes around the bay area today. low clouds and fog along the coast, some of that sneaking inside the bay. still some very mild temperatures inland into the 60s. you have the cooler temperatures at the coast. be careful very dense at the beaches. it will be sunny today and hot
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in spots. much cooler in others. we'll talk about that in the holiday forecast coming up in a few minutes, guys. >> thank you. hurricane earl is not a direct hit on the east coast. earl was downgraded to a category 2 storm when its center passed east of the north carolina coast. maximum winds 105 miles an hour. but that storm still causing problems in north carolina and virginia with more to come. no injuries have been reported. there is some flooding this morning on the resort islands of north carolina's outerbanks. thousands were told to leave and most did. >> it's at its worst point. we are not going to put any emergency worker in harm's way. >> we were going to ride it out in the pool and the hot tub out back. but when they make you leave, you know... >> business owners stayed to board up their buildings. now earl is headed north and people in new england getting ready for a wet labor day weekend. in just a few hours,
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investigators will be at an east bay dump site searching for the one person still missing in a murder spree. four people were murdered, the suspect killed by law officers. 35-year-old frederick sales disappeared a week ago from the hercules home where his father was found beaten to death. the search for sales is now focused on a landfill in pittsburg. the cadillac escalade that the suspect efren valdemoro was seen driving was captured on surveillance tape near a dumpster in hercules, later nearby workers reported a foul smell from that dumpster but its contents had already gone to the dump. that's where the search is now centered. and there is new information about a motive for the killing of ricardo sales and the disappearance of his son. valdemoro had called hercules police he had been beaten in the sales home and wanted them arrested. before police could act on that charge, ricardo sales was found
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dead in the home. the man who had been living with two decomposing bodies has a court date this afternoon. charles rittenhouse is a chemical engineer. rittenhouse is currently at the solano county jail facing explosives charges. police found him in his home tuesday where they also found the bodies of two women. one of the victims was his wife. police searched his backyard where they found barrels with mostly japanese writing on them. the only english word being, "toxic." investigators confirmed they found a boat of depleted your -- bottle of depleted your iranian. rittenhouse worked at goodrich in fairfield. the company does not use uranium. this morning, two bodies still in the small plane that crashed on the peninsula. that plane taking off from the san carlos airport about noon yesterday. a few minutes later, it crashed into a lagoon at redwood shores. some boaters in the area quickly got to the crash scene but couldn't rescue anyone from
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the plane. emergency personnel recovered a woman's body from the water, but two people still in the cockpit will not be removed until investigators check the wreckage. several people saw that plane go down. >> we heard this plane coming that sounded very loud. we over here at the restaurant. and just didn't sound right, kind of clackety clack. and then thump. >> one of the bodies in the plane is believed to be that of the owner. he is 92-year-old robert borrmann, who owns a steel company in east palo alto. witness say the pilot was a hero for intentionally steering the plane away from buildings near the crash site. a marin county man is suing his local sheriff's office after a deputy repeatedly shocked him with a stun gun at the man's home. >> put your hands behind your back. [ bleep ] >> put your hands behind your back. >> ah! ah!! >> deputies went to 64-year-
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old peter mcfarland's house after he fell last year. he refused to be taken to the hospital because he didn't have insurance. officers say the man was threatening suicide and needed to be placed on a psychiatric hold. mcfarland's wife is heard on the tape saying her husband has a heart condition. when mcfarland ignores the deputy's orders to put his hands behind his back and stands up, he is tased. >> they came in here like there was a fire going on or some gunfight was going on. >> what i saw on that video was a nonlife-threatening situation turned into a life-threatening one. >> mcfarland was shot at least four times with the stun gun. the marin county sheriff's department says its deputies were following the law and department policy. a man suspected of shooting a fremont police officer is back in alameda county. andrew barrientos of union city was flown back yesterday from san diego county where he was arrested saturday near the mexican border. investigators say he confessed
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to shooting officer todd young who was trying to arrest barrientos in oakland on a domestic violence warrant. officer young was shot one week ago today. he remains hospitalized in serious but stable condition. barrientos is set to be arraigned next week on 10 felonies including attempted murder. the city of san carlos may soon have no police department. last night the city council voted to disband the department and contract out services to the san mateo county sheriff's department. the plan still needs approval though from the county board of supervisors. most san carlos officers would become sheriff's deputies, but some administrative jobs could be cut. the switch is expected to happen at the end of october. it's expected to save san carlos about $2 million a year. it's 5:06. going to be a little cooler today. lawrence has our forecast. first, a friday morning commute which is usually smooth. >> yeah. usually pretty smooth except we have one little hiccup so far in the morning commute. crews on the scene of this
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water main break off the golden gate bridge. it's just past the toll plaza doyle drive near cemetery curve. not bad enough to shut down any lanes, but there is a lot of water reported on southbound 101 in the right lane. so just something for drivers to be aware of. you also notice all that fog there in our golden gate bridge traffic shot. quick look at other bridges. bay bridge toll plaza no problems, easy trip into san francisco. mass transit is on time. for the labor day holiday on monday a lot of mass transit agencies are running on sunday schedule, another thing to be aware of. with more on your forecast, let's go over to lawrence. cooler today? >> cooler today. this weekend the unofficial end of summer. kids have gone back to school and well, we have had a couple of hot days around the bay area, but things should begin to cool down a bit. you may have noticed we have patchy fog at the coast. some of that inside the bay. temperatures fairly mild inland mostly clear skies there. mainly in the 60s in many spots well inland. inside the bay you have some of that patchy fog and out at the
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coastline even some dense fog so be careful in that direction this morning. still toward the afternoon it's going to be hot in spots as you head well inland. it will take another day for the marine influence to work its way well onshore. inside the bay 70s and even mid- 80s, but at the coast, 60s, maybe a couple of low 70s with the mix of fog and sunshine. more of that fog on the way for the holiday weekend. we'll have more on that coming up in just a bit, guys. back to you. >> thank you. 5:08. those smartmeters that are making some customers angry, they claim they made their bills skyrocket. coming up next, what an independent team says about pg&e's new technology. public art encouraging the sound of music in the south bay. the only problem... vandals are leaving their mark. prop [ female announcer ] it's the jcpenney labor day mattress sale! after $200 instant rebate. plus, get an additional $100 off beautyrest gold mattresses
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welcome back. it's a quick trip through the south bay. we'll have a full look at your morning commute with a bridge check. traffic in six minutes. >> see you then. it's 5:11. highly accurate and working properly, that's the result of an independent report on those pg&e smartmeters. but the report released yesterday at a public utilities commission meeting blasts the utility for poor customer service. the report says pg&e treated people who complained as though they were wrong. not addressed in the report, whether there are any risks by electromagnetic and radiowaves from those meters. >> i believe it's incumbent upon you to discharge your duties under the public utilities code 451 to hold public hearings on the health effects of emfs and rfs. >> we didn't pretend to be
5:12 am
experts on rf. we rely on experts in the industry like dr. cleveland and others and we would make those available to our customers. >> the debate not over. a senator plans to call for legislative hearings on the smartmeter devices. vandals are marring a musical art project in san jose. ♪ [ music ] >> the international project called play me, i'm yours, has 20 pianos around downtown and other parts of the city. they were painted and decorated by community groups. and people are then encouraged to sit down and play. but vandals have gotten into the action and painted graffiti on at least four of them. the exhibit will run for another three weeks until the end of the 01sj arts festival. the pianos will then be donated to charity. labor day weekend, almost here. it's the traditional end of summer. >> and that's a topic for our question of the day. we want to know, are you
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traveling anywhere this labor day weekend? send your answers to we're also on facebook and twitter. >> are you going anywhere? >> no, nowhere. got work to do. lots of work to do. it's 5:13. still to come, fiery ferraris. say that three times! the problem that's prompting a recall of these fancy sports cars. and that fog making its way back onshore overnight. big changes for the weekend ahead. and for next week, too. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,
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because everyone has a story. and our story is you. - we can be boys... - cowboys. i can run again. they gave me a new heart. i am so happy to be alive. as promised a bridge check. nice and quiet towards vallejo and really an easy trip along the eastshore freeway. you can see all green through hercules down into berkeley and the macarthur maze. san mateo bridge you're fine, as well. can't really see that westbound 92 traffic, though, can you? a lot of fog and low-lying clouds making it difficult to see so watch out for low visibility heading towards foster city. traffic fine off the high-rise. i mentioned this water main break first reported around 4:30 this morning. it was as you come off of the golden gate bridge doyle drive past cemetery curve. chp went ahead and filed the incident meaning they didn't think it was serious enough to
5:17 am
impact traffic. so just something to be aware of, some water reported in the right lane of southbound 101. again, no big delays reported or anything like that. but a lot of fog once again in our golden gate bridge shot as you make your way towards the toll plaza. live look at 880 in oakland. nimitz freeway looks great. tail lights that's northbound traffic towards high street. and you're in the clear. i'll step out of the way so you can see that drive time. 238 to the maze is a nice easy 15-minute trip. once you do hit the road, remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm. here's lawrence. crossing our fingers we can get chopper to fly today despite the fog. >> we have some dense fog at the coast but inside the bay not too bad. but if you head out the door, you'll notice some changes around the bay area this morning. we have some patchy dense fog at the beaches thick near the surface. inside the bay low clouds in the interior valleys fairly mild in most spots and nice and clear. now, as we head in toward the afternoon, going to be hot in spots still inland but yeah,
5:18 am
not as hot as yesterday. the temperatures coming down still well into the 90s, many spots inland. inside the bay lots of sunshine this afternoon, 70s and mid- 80s. out at the coast, you will notice a mix of sunshine and fog, temperatures cooler. late in the afternoon we saw some low clouds and fog pushing onshore. so here are the changes here. 101 yesterday in livermore, 83 san francisco. temperatures going down for the weekend: with that in mind, the temperatures dropping all around the bay area. so you have to search a little more for the these if you want to get it. go to morgan hill or gilroy temperatures in the 90s. 90 los gatos. 88 san jose.
5:19 am
about 83 degrees in san mateo. out toward the coast temperatures coming down about 65 in pacifica. east bay temperatures still hot in spots. you get away from the marine influence and that's going to hold up those temperatures but lower than yesterday. 97 in brentwood and antioch. 95 san ramon. then 70s in toward oakland and alameda and berkeley. a good sea breeze kicking in toward the latter part of the day. north bay temperatures, still on the warm side. getting near 90 in the napa valley. lots of sunshine there by the afternoon. plenty of sunshine going to carry those temperatures in the upper 80s as you look towards santa rosa. at the coastline those temperatures will be running mainly into the 60s. next couple of days, we'll cool things down through the holiday weekend. looks like temperatures will continue to drop more low clouds and fog headed well below average as we look toward the middle of next week. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. a look at today's top stories. parts of north carolina's outerbanks are flooded and
5:20 am
without power because of hurricane earl. no injuries reported, though. it is a category 2 storm now traveling up the east coast. winds at 105 miles per hour. the bodies of two of the victims of yesterday's small plane crash in redwood shores are still in the submerged wreckage this morning. they are being left there while the investigation into what caused that crash is conducted. the plane is expected to be lifted out of the lagoon sometime today. later this morning, homicide investigators will resume a search at a landfill in pittsburg. they are trying to find the body of frederick sales, who has been missing since his father was found dead in their home in hercules. the son's body may have been placed in a dumpster near that home. ferrari is recalling more than 1200 cars after reports of them catching fire. this recall applies to all -- i'm going to slow down because a lot of have you these cars. 458 italia super cars made before july of this year. did you get that? [ laughter ]
5:21 am
>> the cars have a glue that can melt. >> they glue ferraris together? geez. >> yeah. and potentially catch fire. ferrari will replace the glue -- how much do you pay for these cars and they're glued together? >> about a quarter of a million dollars. >> there have been five reports of fires. one of the cars is in california. a quarter of a million dollars. take it to the dealership get it checked out. [ laughter ] fire danger closes a popular park in the south bay today. >> and balloon boy back in the news again or at least his family is. we'll tell you why their landlord sunset. -- we'll tell you why their landlord is upset. ,,,,,,
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why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at a lot of holiday fever going around this weekend. check outs the sausalito art festival. partly cloudy skies and some mild temperatures. we'll have a complete look at the forecast coming up. it's hot out there. a number of parks wondering if they should close because of fire danger. alum rock park will be closed because of the fire danger from the hot, dry
5:25 am
conditions. the city making that decision yesterday afternoon. when it was 100 degrees at alum rock, humidity was just 16%. a decision will be made this afternoon on whether to extend that closure to tomorrow. yesterday just about an hour after they made that decision, a grassfire charred five acres just a little south of alum rock. those flames got within a few yards of nearby homes. crews controlled the fire in time to safety homes, though. one firefighter was treat for minor arm injuries. friday! and it's a high school tradition that dates back generations. friday night football under the lights. >> you remember that in high school? >> yes, i do. >> going to the game. >> yes. >> in the bleachers. >> well, or under the bleachers. sorry. go ahead. >> tonight a walnut creek high school will be able to join that tradition for the first time despite opposition from neighbors. >> northgate high -- >> don't give anybody any ideas, okay? [ laughter ] >> northgate high school has met its fundraising goal to install lights at its sports stadium. parents have been lobbying for the lights for years but there
5:26 am
were some neighbors who are worried about the glare and the noise. permanent lights are expected to be installed soon. >> smoke cigarettes under the bleachers? you were one of those bad boys? >> sneak a smooch. >> why do i find that hard to believe? [ laughter ] >> i don't. i'm sure you were just one big hottie in high school, huh? >> moving along... >> let's find that picture. i bet that wouldn't be hard to find with google. college football kicking into full gear tomorrow. >> california hosts uc-davis at memorial stadium. that game is at 1:00. the first meeting between the two teams since 1939. and then stanford is going to take on sacramento state. that's at 3:30 in the bill walsh legacy game. and then they have a tough debut for san jose state's new head coach, mike mcintyre. >> oh, my gosh. they are at alabama! >> is that where -- that's where tracy went, right? >> she said she was going home
5:27 am
to see her mother. >> she lives in montgomery, alabama. >> alabama the defending national champions. the crimson tide also number one in preseason polls. >> okay. >> you never know. could be upset time. balloon boy update. the family of the balloon boy back in the spotlight again after leaving their home in colorado. >> the landlord says the heene left the now shambles. the family moved to floor. they were the center of media attention last year when they staged a hoax reporting that their 6-year-old son floated away in a giant helium balloon. both parents spent time in jail after pleading guilty. the landlord says he is going to donate all the belongings or what anybody wants to good will. >> okay. 5:27. quick break, be right back. space behind the third row. they just thought of everything. it just feels like a really solid car. that should come in handy.
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good morning, everyone. it is friday, the 3rd of september. we are going to have another warm one around here. but for the start of that really nice labor day weekend, not bad at all. >> not bad. triple digits yesterday in some areas. bad weatherometer east coast. it's moving up the east coast.
5:31 am
sustained winds at 105 miles an hour. some flooding in north carolina though karen brown joins us from kill devil hills. >> reporter: you can see how turbulent the ocean is still here behind me. the weather conditions have eased off a little bit in the past couple of minutes but it's been an intense morning. they say on a windy day you need rocks in your pocket. i needed bolders in my pocket. it's incredible. they managed to evacuate about 125,000 tourists from the area ahead of the storm and most of the residents though did say and right now they are just starting to sort of venture out as they hope that the worst is now past them. in north carolina overnight earl delivered a stinging blow. >> just the power, it's absolutely phenomenal. >> high winds and pounding rain battered the coastline knocking out power to thousands. >> parts of hatteras have still
5:32 am
no electricity. the roads are flooded there. >> reporter: the system appears to be losing steam as it roars up the east coast but it's still packing a powerful punch. despite evacuation orders, some residents decided to stay put. >> for those of us who live on the island, we just don't leave because we feel very safe. >> reporter: they weren't the only ones. these folks welcomed earl with a hurricane apparent. you can see how turbulent the ocean is behind me and the rain has been turbulent as well just painful as it comes down but as the rain and wind continue it taper off here in north carolina, further north the conditions are only expected to get worse. >> if you are in an area that's subject to the storm surge or the effects of the wind or flooding, we do recommend that you relocate to a safer place. >> reporter: the northeast will get its brush with earl later tonight including coastal communities in long island and cape cod. on nantucket, these two women made a last-minute dash to the store to stock up but they
5:33 am
weren't alone. >> it's wiped out. there's no chips anywhere. it's crazy in there. >> reporter: not everyone is waiting around for earl. this crowd boarded one of the last ferries off the island. >> we just decided to leave because it seems like it's going to get bad. >> reporter: ending their labor day weekend plans before they even began. all right. flooding is still a concern here with a high tide and a storm surge of five feet. it really is their big concern this morning. some communities further to the south do have about 2 feet of water in their streets. so that's something we'll keep an eye on. but listen to this: the governor of north carolina says things have gone so well overnight that she is hoping to have most of this area re- opened by noon. they want the tourist to come back, although not sure it looks like holiday weather just yet. karen brown, back to you. >> thank you. it is 5:33. in other news, four bodies have been found so far in a
5:34 am
murder spree in the east bay. now there is information about a fifth victim. anne makovec is in pittsburg where investigators are searching for a body in a landfill this morning reporter: good morning. one of the final pieces of the puzzle in the east bay murder spree could be here in the keller canyon land film. police will be here at 9:00 a.m., police from all over the area, searching potentially for the body of a missing man. now, let's talk about what led police to this landfill. on tuesday a cadillac escalade was found outside the entrance of the bioran corporation. it belonged to one. victims, rita allen. efren valdemoro was known to drive t security cameras caught a car driving away from the area near the cadillac toward the back of the building where the dumpsters are. the cameras' range stop before the dumpster. biorad employees reported an oil smell coming from the
5:35 am
dumpster soon after. at the same time, police were actively looking for frederick sales because his father was found dead. it's believed he was beaten to death by valdemoro. but by the time police heard about the suspicious vehicles and dumpster tip, the dumpsters had been taken to the landfill. that's why police are searching here today. now, here's a quick background on the missing man's relationship with valdemoro whom you see here looking beat up. sales and his father rented rooms from valdemoro's girlfriend and valdemoro reportedly accused one or both of them of interfering with that relationship. valdemoro said the father and son then beat him up. he filed some police reports, but before police could act, the elder sales was found dead and his son frederick went missing. so again, the search has now ended up at the keller canyon landfill, which is where whatever was in those dutchsters behind the
5:36 am
corporation would ultimately have landed. we're told they have taped off part of the landfill where they will be focusing this morning. john and sydnie? >> anne, remember a couple of days ago when this all started, there were the two women that they had been looking for and then they found two women's bodies. i'm not sure if you know this, this morning, have they identified who those women are? >> reporter: yes. the two women in their 60s, is that who you're referring to? >> that were found dead in the home. this same case. >> reporter: yes. they certainly are. in fact, valdemoro used to stay at their home or at one of the women's homes and one. women's husbands is in jail right now as well and police are questioning him about the murder as well as some weapons charges. he is going to be in court for possession of chemicals. they might possibly charge him with murder at some point today, as well. but it's all connected -- that is the other piece of the puzzle that's still unclear at
5:37 am
this time, sydnie. >> all right. anne, thank you very much. anne makovec in pittsburgh. the man who had been living with -- well, -- the man who had been living with two decomposing bodies has a court date this afternoon. charles rittenhouse is a chemical engineer. rittenhouse is currently at the solano county jail facing explosives charges. police found him in his home tuesday where they also found the bodies of two women. one of the victims was his wife. police searched his backyard where they found barrels with mostly japanese writing on them. the only english word being, "toxic." investigators confirmed they found a bottle of depleted uranium. rittenhouse worked at goodrich in fairfield. the company does not use uranium. let's check tramp. we start with elizabeth for a look at the drive. hi urn liz. >> hello, guys. how are you doing? watch out for poll holes in berkeley. this is going against the
5:38 am
commute. eastbound 80 past gilman pothole in the third lane from the left causing damage to vehicles in the area. and already seeing slowing actually on a couple of sensors in the area so westbound 80 looks okay if you are commuting towards the macarthur maze and the bay bridge, where there are no metering lights and crossing our fingers for friday light traffic conditions especially for today because maybe people taking an extra long holiday weekend. quick look at westbound 580 looking good approaching the dublin interchange and nice drive out of the altamont pass, 14 minutes on westbound 580 from the altamont pass towards the dublin interchange. checking your forecast, here's lawrence. >> all right. big changes for today around the bay area. may notice already if you are headed outside we have some low clouds and fog sneaking along the coastline. still going to see some hot temperatures inland but the triple digits gone for now. getting close though as you will see numbers up and 90s as you head toward antioch. 95 pleasanton. inside the bay more of a sea breeze. still 78 in oakland. but 72 comfortable in san francisco but the breeze will blow by the afternoon and only 69 degrees in half moon bay.
5:39 am
the holiday weekend, the unofficial end of summer, and we are looking temperatures cooling off with more low clouds and fog. those temperatures slowly cooling down saturday and sunday and monday the holiday looking good as you will see plenty of sunshine in the afternoon in most spots but temperatures well below average towards the middle of next week. that's a look at your weather. back up to you. >> thank you. this morning, two bodies are still still in the small plane that crashed on the peninsula. that plane taking off from the san carlos airport about noon yesterday. a few minutes later, it crashed into a lagoon at redwood shores. some boaters in the area quickly got to the crash scene but couldn't rescue anyone from the plane. emergency personnel recovered a woman's body from the water, but two people still in the cockpit will not be removed until investigators check the wreckage. several people saw that plane go down. >> we heard this plane coming that sounded very loud. we over here at the restaurant. and just didn't sound right,
5:40 am
kind of clackety clack. and then thump. >> one of the bodies in the plane is believed to be that of the owner. he is 92-year-old robert borrmann, who owns a steel company in east palo alto. witness say the pilot was a hero for intentionally steering the plane away from buildings near the crash site. a former student is suing san jose state university and sore rory claiming she was subjected to hazing. she filed the suit based on allegations from 2008. documents posted on the smoking gun website detailed 16 nights of alleged hazing that began with sorority sisters hosing down blindfolded pledges. the documents go on to say pledges were slammed into walls and struck on the knuckles and legs with wooden spoons. howard, a former pledge, claims hazing injuries led her to visit a doctor at least twice.
5:41 am
the university says the sigma gamma ro sorority has been suspended. >> we undergo an investigative process, we talk to witnesses, we collect evidence. this is an eight-year suspension so yes, we're taking this very seriously. >> san jose state says hazing is strictly forbidden and students are advised on what constitutes hazing. the folks at mineta international airport believe they found the source of a foul smell in terminal a. the mysterious odor has never affected areas where passengers are allowed, but it's been a problem for months in some of the airline's san jose offices. workers say that it appears to be coming from a damaged sewer pipe. that pipe underground and difficult to reach. but efforts are under way to repair it. after three years of getting free gas, alameda's fire chief is now on paid administrative leave. david kapler says that it was part of a pay deal arranged with a former city manager. but no one at city hall found a record of the agreement.
5:42 am
kapler's base salary is nearly $200,000. the santa clara county planning commission has denied efforts to block a new cell phone tower from being built in los altos. neighbors turned out to oppose the plan. a los altos couple wants to let verizon put up a 55-foot-tall cell phone tower on their property. the couple already has three other towers on their land. neighbors say the property owners are violating zoning rules by creating what they call an illegal cell tower farm. >> no, i'm not happy right now but i do know what the necessary steps for the ultimate goal which is to have that 55-foot fourth cell tower in a residential neighborhood denied. >> the property owners say they are within their rights and that verizon will disguise the new tower to look like a tree. the neighbors will now take their appeal to the santa clara county board of supervisors. 5:42. still to come the woman who use
5:43 am
wine for art. >> also ahead, what teens aren't getting enough of that's making them fat. and it's not exercise. >> and campaigning for your vote. the bay area school turning to facebook to help recover from a devastating fire. ,,,,,,
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alright fourteen ninety nine i totally wear hats traffic coming out of downtown san jose, top speeds 280, 101 nice and light from morgan hill. there is again a live look at the 280 traffic. we'll zoom in right here. there was an accident just reported southbound 280 approaching winchester boulevard. so far no big delay but it seems like the car hit the median and is now facing the wrong way in the center divide. so just something to be aware of if your commute takes you through that area.
5:46 am
that's one of our only problem spots. i mentioned an earlier pothole issue eastbound 80 approaching gilman. it's gone. caltrans crews went out there and patched whatever was impeding traffic so for right now, this is a look at westbound 80 at the ashby avenue exit. and looking nice all the way towards the macarthur maze. really no big issues out there. golden gate bridge, foggy guess that could be an issue. maybe a little bit of low visibility crossing the span. but not impacting your travel times. 22 minutes from novato into san francisco. and there are still crews on scene at the water main break. again, not impacting traffic. but it is southbound 101 on doyle drive as you approach the cemetery. there was some water -- a small amount of water in one of the right lanes. that is your traffic. for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> we have some low clouds and dense fog showing up along the coastline with the weather changing up a bit around the bay area. clear and mild conditions in parts of the bay area inland but some of the fog sneaking inside the bay, as well. now, by the afternoon, still going to be hot in spots but well inland this afternoon temperatures running up in the
5:47 am
upper 90s in the hottest spots. 70s an 80s at the bay. at the coast sunshine and fog. looks like the heat wave ending here but still staying hot in the central valley. 99 in sacramento. 84 degrees sunny in lake tahoe. temperatures around the bay area, still on the warm to hot side. 92 morgan hill, 88 santa clara, out at the coast 69 degrees with patchy fog in half moon bay and 65 in pacifica. east bay temperatures that's where you will find some of the hot numbers. 97 brentwood and antioch and 94 in concord. cool sea breeze at the bay, temperatures in the 70s. north bay temperatures running up in the 70s and 80s. plenty of sunshine. looks like pretty nice beginning to the holiday weekend although temperatures will cool down a bit. low clouds and fog will continue to be on the increase as we head in through the weekend and it looks like a major cooling trend in the
5:48 am
middle of next week. labor day looking good, patchy fog, patchy fog at the coastline, lots of sunshine at the valleys. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. let's take a look at some of the stories we're following right now. hurricane earl moving along the east coast of the u.s. a category 2 storm that caused some flooding in north carolina but no injuries. new england is expecting earl to drop in over the holiday weekend. the search for a missing east bay man is focused on a landfill in pittsburg. that's where the contents of a dumpster in hercules were taken. murder suspect efren valdemoro is believed to have killed frederick sales and put his body in a dumpster. valdemoro is also suspected of killing four other people. the city of san carlos may soon have no police department. last night the city council voted to disband the department and contract out services to the san mateo county sheriff's department. the plan still needs approval though from the county board of
5:49 am
supervisors. it's 5:48. americans are taking more prescription drugs than ever. that's according to the national center for health. statistics show that almost half of americans take at least one prescription medication. that includes one of every five children and nine out of ten adults. those numbers have risen 4% in the last 10 years. and more evidence shows that a lack of sleep is bad for the diet. researchers say that teens who don't get a full eight hours, eat more fatty foods and snacks than teens who get a good night's sleep. studies show the link between sleep and diet is stronger in girls than in boys. only a third of teenagers in the study slept an average of 8 hours or more. okay. today is the last day to vote. a bay area elementary school is asking for your help. it's competing for a half million dollars to repair fire damage done to the school. the deadline for that sweepstakes is today. we are talking about merritt
5:50 am
trace elementary school. it suffered millions of dollars in damage in july when someone set fire to the school. and now it's competing for half million dollars for from kohl's. they are dividing $10 million to the 20 schools who get the most votes online. >> we want everybody to vote for trace elementary school five times and it will just support them for the next two years. they will be able to get great programs and they can basically spend it on anything they want, $500,000. >> to vote, just log on to facebook. search for the school's full name. it's merritt trace elementary school. right now they are in 20th place. 5:50. coming up next, the unusual medium that's being used by a southern california artist. >> and she is getting some attention from a nearby winery.
5:51 am
hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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5:53 am
6:46 (hebrew blessing) lechaim! 6:54 // 7:00 clink clink it's the annual blessing of the bay area wineries are turning to a higher power as the season begins. [ prayer in yiddish ] >> it is the annual blessing of the grapes in the livermore valley. yesterday a rabbi and presbyterian minister blessing the first grapes plucked from the vines in the east bay wine region. nearly 50 wineries will gather more than 15,000 tons of grapes over the next two months. a california artist has found a way to combine love of art and wine. the creative new art form is
5:54 am
now being showcased by a santa ynez winery. >> that's not watercolor. christina low casio is painting her artwork using wine made from her family's vineyard. >> wow. >> you know, wine stains -- that is pretty impressive. >> yes. >> wine stains usually make you cringe but she is turns a controlled mess into abstract art. >> i think that it's for me in my life and everything that working the business living on a vineyard, it's the perfect medium. and just in general, loving wine and being passionate about it, it's very exciting. >> art has become a central part of life at that winery. in the tasting room you can find sketch books, easels, paints and brushes. and some visitors have tried their hand at it painting with wine. >> pretty good artists. >> beautiful. >> you should see some of my shirts. a little abstract art.
5:55 am
>> you're more jackson pollack. you know? [ laughter ] >> a little more picasso i think. labor day weekend almost here. >> it's the topic of our question of the day. we want to know are you traveling anywhere this labor day weekend? >> on facebook, james says no, i'm just going to sit at home and enjoy the family. >> james, i hope the family enjoys you, too. [ laughter ] >> they may be traveling. we should ask them. liz says no, in a way it doesn't feel like september much less labor day. >> and sam says not by car, by feet. i already live in a vacation wonderland so why travel with the masses? >> now, what a great positive outlook. >> yes, it is. [ laughter ] >> send your comments to >> he probably lives just right by the -- he might be your next-door neighbor, could be. yeah, he is going to be walking away as quickly as he can. >> post your answers on our facebook, page, tools. we're also on twitter so send us a tweet.
5:56 am
>> i have a friend in town so between going to napa on saturday. >> perfect. >> a limo bus. what's a limo bus? >> oh, elizabeth. >> i have seen them. i think bauer runs them. >> for the labor day holiday, if you have to work monday most mass transit agencies will be on a sunday schedule. if you plan to drive, parking meters will be in force. >> i know. right. >> we need the money. >> so there you go. quick check of the golden gate bridge where we are seeing a lot of fog. i'm still hoping we have a hi- 5 segment in the next 45 minutes, lawrence. so we need the fog to lift a
5:57 am
little bit. >> i hope it's not at the coast. >> hayward airpor. >> they should be fine. >> heading towards foster city. >> foster city should be good away from the immediate coastline looking like lots of sunshine coming your way. some dense fog showing up out toward the beaches today as we receive a wind switch and temperatures cooling off outside at the coastline. over the weekend the numbers slowly cooling down heading in towards labor day. those temperatures back towards normal but as we get to the middle of next week we have a deep area of low pressure that's going to dive into california to bring with us some much cooler temperatures. and those numbers probably going to struggle to get into the 70s in some parts of the bay area. so a far cry. maybe 30 degrees cooler than yesterday. >> at least we can fire up the barbecue. >> stand closer. >> no "spare the air" days so that will be good. >> is today a "spare the air" day. >> it is. take mass transit. >> elizabeth is on the way to the winery. >> that's right. [ laughter ] >> will that be a "spare the
5:58 am
air" day? >> check elizabeth out, party girl. >> take pictures. >> yes. >> tune in monday! [ laughter ] >> i'm not working monday. no traffic on monday. >> going to be a good weekend, huh? they are smart, dependable and accurate. that's the conclusion on the study of the pg&e smartmeters. the reaction coming up. one of the final pieces of the puzzle in the east bay murder spree mystery. they are searching the dump. we'll tell you why coming up. ,,,,
5:59 am
b-a-c-c-a-l-a-u-r-e-a-t-e. baccalaureate. correct. [ audience groans ] since this competition has been continuing for 48 hours and we have yet to eliminate anyone, it is the decision of this board to declare all 20 contestants winners. you have all competed admirably. admirably. a-d-m-i-r-a-b-l-y. admirably. [ male announcer ] at&t is making high speed internet affordable for only $14.95 a month with select services. at&t. rethink possible. get 80% savings on final markdowns, including 80% off clothes, shoes, accessories, and 80% off home! did we mention our red zone clearance final markdowns are 80% off?

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